Applications of MiniSat

Paradox — A Finite Model Finder for First Order Logic
Translates to SAT, and uses MiniSat as a backend.
The MathSat page
A project to build a framework for "Satisfiability Modulo Theories" (SMT), in which MiniSat is used.
sKizzo — A QBF Solver
sKizzo is a hybrid QBF solver that uses several techniques of mainly symbolic, but also search-based nature. MiniSat is used as a possible backend for propositional reasoning.
The ARIO SMT Solver
Another framework for SMT, developed at University of Michigan. MiniSat is rumored to be in there somewhere too.
DPvis — Visualizing the Davis-Putnam Procedure
A really cool visualizer for CNFs and for DPLL-search, put on top of MiniSat.
ABC: A System for Sequential Synthesis and Verification
Developed by the Berkeley Logic Synthesis and Verification Group. It uses the C version of MiniSat.
A minisat-based SAT solver for an extension of CNF (with propositional inductive definitions, aggregates, pseudoboolean constraints).
IDP — a finite domain model generator for FO(.)
Propositionalises FO(.) theories (typed first order logic with inductive definitions, aggregates, bounded arithmetic) and applies minisat(ID).

General SAT related links

SAT Live
Currently the most active web forum for SAT.
The Propositional Satisfiability Web Site
Contains more links to material, in particular to the SAT conference.